NYC stories
Success means something different to everyone, but in New York it so often centers around our careers and our relationships. How do you define success, and what has helped you achieve that- whether at work, in life, or in love. Join Katie Christiansen, Manager Talent at Time Inc, as she discusses work, life, and work-life balance.

Open Call ! What others call the Big Apple or the Empire City, 8.2 million of us call home. If you’ve lived here you know that once you succeed in New York, you can succeed anywhere. Whether its starting your own business, performing with your favorite musician, falling in love, or simply getting to the nearby subway station just in time for the train; winning in New York is a feeling unparalleled by any other. If you’ve lived here you’ve experienced the highest peaks and the lowest pits, and we want to hear your stories.

How did you win New York? Time Inc. and Raising The Bar invite you to share your personal story. In order to participate send us a first-person narrative, provide perspective, knowledge and inspiration for your work, and your life. The three finalists will be invited to tell their story in the event.
7:30PM @ Studio XXI
59 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10010, USA
Sold Out!
Katie Christiansen
Manager, Talent at Time Inc.